What is the purpose of business associations?

Business associations bring together business owners to provide benefits to them, help in their business programs. The members of such associations choose to pay dues and participate as members in events that support development in Armenia.

Associations provide their members with opportunities to network and share information and resources with national as well as international businesses. Another result of participating in a business association is the improvement of the business climate in Armenia. While getting to know one another, business owners share resources and information and enhance tools for securing their profitability and efficiency encouraging competition and attracting customers. To add, the associations fasten the communication with the government lobbying the appropriate legislative changes.

So here are 10 significant business associations of Armenia that are worth your consideration.

1. The Armenian British Business Chamber (ABBC)

The Armenian British Business Chamber (ABBC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that enhances business relationships between the UK and Armenia. UK investors take ABBC as a first checkpoint to contact to enter the Armenian market for investment, export, or outsource purposes. ABBC maintains a close relationship with the British Embassy in Armenia to ensure bilateral relations and economic interactions between the two countries. ABBC also provides experts to ease the process of entering the Armenian and British markets, making investments, importing and exporting. It also adds legal and regulatory issues to its member organizations.

Some of the members are:

2. American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham)

American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham) represents the interests of 140+ member companies operating in Armenia. Since 2000 AmCham’s goal has been to enhance US-Armenia business and investment relations. AmCham also publishes only English-language business magazines, which perfectly informs Armenian business life by hosting guest speakers from the Armenian government as well as international and successful businesses.

Some of the members are:

3. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Armenia (CCI FA)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Armenia (CCI FA) promotes the development of economic relations between France and Armenia. Since 2011 CCI FA promotes the establishment of French companies by conducting events, informing news by its publications, and advertising the visibility of its members.

Some of the members are:

4. Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) Armenia

Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) Armenia positions Armenia as one of the International High-Tech market leaders by supporting a positive IT business climate, implementing development projects, supporting High-Tech education in Armenia. Armenia is among the top 20 countries of the International High-Tech Market. UITE highlights that “Together we make the difference”. They believe that building strong and respectful relationships among members, executive team, and partners through cooperation and positive competition is an important point in making difference in the Armenian market. Another feature UITE highlight is the strive for innovation.

Some of the members are:

5. The Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technology (UEICT)

The Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technology (UEICT) was established in 2015 in Armenia by a number of other large ICT companies to assist IT-oriented programs, launch programs that promote the interest of local and foreign investments. UEICT’s another important mission is supporting educational development, organizing new educational programs for solid educational background for Armenia’s population.

Some of the members are:

6. The European Business Association (EBA)

The European Business Association (EBA), founded in October 2015, is operating under the Delegation of the European Union of Armenia. Its main purpose has been supporting the European business representatives and creating for them an environment where it is easy to cooperate with each other. Being the EBA’s member is a great advantage for the companies that aim to eliminate obstacles of operating in the Armenian economy.

Some of the members are:

7. The German Business Association

The German Business Association connects companies who actively participate in German-Georgian and German-Armenian economic relations. Since its foundation in 2013, its foremost goal is the solid enhancement of trade and economic relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the South Caucasian countries Georgia and Armenia. The German Business Association aids its 80 Armenian companies starting from the market entry and establishment to the enhancement of their daily business operation efficiency.

8. The Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia

The Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia, founded in 1996, is of high importance as manufacturing is a developing field with good potential in Armenia. The goal of the UMBA activities in Armenia is the active participation in developing the protection of interests of Armenian manufacturers and the creation of beneficial relations for companies inside and outside of Armenia.

9. Armenian business club Cilicia

Armenian business club Cilicia creates a solid platform for interaction among business professionals and employees. Today it is an Armenian business platform of the international format with representatives both from Russia and Armenia. By organizing events and meetings, they ensure the participation of their members, the development of their business relationships and opens a new market for business growth.

10. Belgian-Armenian Chamber of Commerce

The Union of Manufacturers and Belgian-Armenian Chamber of Commerce is a multi-lingual partner with about 30 members, which helps businesses mainly from Belgium to start entrepreneurship in the Armenian market by assisting in starting as well as promoting, providing required information on legal and social issues. The Chamber is proud for promoting several successful economic activities to Armenia. several Belgian companies signed agreements in developing the fields of water resources, energy, agriculture, textile, and more. Thanks to the broad spectrum of the Chamber’s relation with the Armenian authorities and organizations, it is a piece of cake to prosper a business in Armenia.